The New Town Centres awoke from unpleasant dreams one fine morning to find that they had been transformed into a gigantic rock band.  They tried to rise from the unmade bed but found that it was impossible, lying as they were on their hard carapace with twelve risible legs waving helplessly in the air above their stiffly segmented abdomen.

What has happened? they thought. We must still be dreaming.  But this was no dream.  Mother called them from downstairs.  They tried to answer, but instead of the familiar sound of their own voices, what came out was a harsh, persistent, high pitched chirping noise, an alien stridulation which although odd was not altogether without a strange kind of beauty.

Would you like to hear it?

Who are they?

Christopher Smith – Vocals

Jan Bednarz – Guitar

Michael Makins – Guitar

Michael Lukey – Keyboards

Paul Cooper – Bass

Richard Hodgson – Drums

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